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Name:- Andy Hyde
Date of Birth:- October 1964
Languages spoken:- English, Norwegian
Contact information:- e-mail:
Web pages:-
Myers-Briggs personality type INTP



Keywords: Organisational Development. Organisational Learning. Applied Systems Thinking, Lean Thinking, process improvement. Healthcare improvement, Healthcare IT, Electronic Heath/Patient Record (EHR/EPR). IT Governance. IT-, change-, quality-, & project management.

My core competency is Organisational Development (OD) using Lean System Thinking as a method and IT implementation as a tool. I have over 30 years of experience in fields as diverse as clothes store supply management, river flow forecasting and hydrology, pharmaceutical clinical research, medical technical equipment development, hospital quality, performance and governance management and currently regional ICT management.

I use Lean Systems Thinking, a combination of Lean and System Thinking, as my implementation and change philosophy and method. Taking the ideas of lean and systems thinking and applying them to a whole organisation in order to maximise value creation and delivery. Identifying value creating activities, aligning them and removing barriers to value delivery to the customer. In a management context this means making decisions in a holistic and long term context as opposed to silo based short term decisions. Silo based short term is the most common decision system in public service, especially healthcare IT.

Diakonhjemmet Hospital, my previous employer, where I served as Director of Quality and Performace Management, achieves the highest quality results of any trust in Norway (as per 2017) in many of the categories measured by national statistics. The lean management system of which I was the architect, combined PDCA based continual improvement through Lean Thinking and New Public Management. The "system"​ is described in a book chapter, and a poster describing it won best overall poster at the 38th World Hospital Congress and most recently is the subject of an article in Lean Management Journal. The IT system supporting the "system"​ won the Norwegian Computer Society's Business Intelligence prize in 2013.


Education and Qualifications

Education Qualifications
Years School/College Level Year Exam Grade
2018 PeopleCert Certification 2018 COBIT 5 Foundation Pass
2012 Reinvigoration / LERC University of Cardiff, Wales F.E./Prof 2012 Lean for services (LCS levels 2a, 2b)
equiv. Black belt
2012 Reinvigoration / LERC University of Cardiff, Wales F.E./Prof 2012 Lean for services (LCS levels 1a, 1b, 1c)
equiv. Green belt
2010 Highschool in Buskerud (HiBU) F.E. 2010 Videreutdanning i Revisjonsledelse /
Further ed. in Quality Auditing
2008 Highschool in Buskerud (HiBU) F.E.

2008 Videreutdanning i Kvalitetsledelse /
Further ed. in Quality Management

EOQ (QMCe) - International Quality Systems Manager Certificate

1994 -1998 Open University, Milton Keynes, England MSc. 1998 Master of Science degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry Pass
    P.G.D. 1996 Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing Courses:-
  • Project Management
  • Human/Computer Interaction
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Implementation of New Technologies
  • Digital Telecommunication Systems
  • Relational Database Systems
1981- 1983 Solihull Sixth Form College, Solihull, England A-level

1983 Physics

Computer Studies

1976 - 1981 Langley Senior School, Solihull, England O-level 1980 & 1981 Mathematics
English Language
Technical Drawing
Graphic Communications
MSc = Master of Science Degree. P.G.D. = Post Graduate Diploma. A-level = Advanced Level (18 years old).
O-level = Ordinary Level (16 years old). F.E.= Further Education. Prof = Professional Exam / Certification


Employment Summary

Dates Company Position
Dec 2020 - Present
9 years 5 months
South Bristol NHS Trust Senior Information Analyst
Working on the trust EPR migration program
Sep 2013 - November 2020
Helse Sør-Øst RHF (South East Regional Health Authority) Special advisor - eHealth
DIPS PAS/EPJ system manager
Operative System-owner / Portfolio Manager Regional Clinical Systems
Sep 2010 - Aug 2013 Diakonhjemmet Sykehus
(Diaconal Hospital, Oslo)
Director of Quality Management and Corporate Governance
(Kvalitetssjef / fagansvarlig for Virksomhetsstyring)
Apr 2006 - Aug 2010 Director of Quality and Innovation
Sep 2005 - Mar 2006 Special Consultant - IT/ Organisational Development
Mar 2002 - Aug 2005 Hyde Away Systems Self employed (see below)
July 2000 - Feb 2002 MedIT, Oslo, Norway Senior Project Manager
Mar 2000 - June 2000 Parexel Medstat, Lillestrøm, Norway Head of Systems Development and Clinical IT Consulting
Aug 1994 - Feb 2000 Nycomed Imaging AS, Oslo. Norway Information Management and Technology Consultant
Clinical Systems Developer
PC Consultant
May 1990 - Aug 1994 National Rivers Authority, Solihull. England Assistant Hydrologist (Technical Systems)
Technical Assistant (Flood forecasting)
Feb 1990 - May 1990 Solihull MBC, Solihull. England Footpaths Clearer
Aug 1989 - Jan 1990 Hobart Tech. College, Tasmania. Australia Freelance Programmer and part time teacher.
Feb 1989 - Aug 1989 Solihull MBC, Solihull. England Footpaths Clearer
Oct 1986 - Feb 1989 Burra Burra (Five Ways Software), Birmingham. England Trainee Computer Programmer
Office Manager (Software Distribution Services)
Oct 1984 - Oct 1986 Foster Menswear, Solihull. England Accounts Clerk
Jul 1983 - Oct 1984 Unemployed  
- Jun 1983 In education  


Hyde Away Systems Consulting Assignments (March 2002 - August 2005)

Employer Assignment
(Sept 2002 - Aug 2005)
IT System Management Outsourcing
Quality Management
Change Management
Diakonhjemmet Sykehus
(Oct 2004 - Aug 2005)
System Integration / Database Troubleshooting / Organisational Development / LIS system development
Senter for Revmatiske Sykdomer (SRS) - Rikshospitalet
(1999 - 2006)
Data and Database management in medical research studies
Diaforsk - Diakonhjemmets høgskolesenter
(2002 - 2003)
Data management in medical research studies
Web Based Data Entry
KrF Bærum Web page maintenance
OK Service AS General system check and installation of RAS service on the network


Relevant Employment responsibilities

North Bristol NHS Trust

The trust is currently migrating from the Lorenzo EPR to the SystemC CareFlow EPR and my roll is working on data migration. Identifying and analysing data migration errors and data quality issues. BI development in QlikSense and MS Excel for migrating reports based on new datasets from the data warehouse.

South East Regional Health Authority / Helse Sør-Øst RHF

Contribute to projects on the border between clinic, technology and business development especially in the fields of EPR, technology innovation, clinical ICT and eHealth.

I am currently acting as portfolio manager for regional clinical and administrative systems. Systems include EPR, maternity, eChart, chemotherapy and more. The regional EPR system passed 20 000 concurrent users in jan 2016 therefore representing a major system in the region.

The region is currently carrying out a massive modernisation of it core clinical computer systems. Included in this modernisation are the Electronic Patient Record (EPR), systems for radiology, Lab services, maternity monitoring and management, Clinical Information System and not least the technical platform. As systems are modernised they are being transitioned from local installations with local management to regionaly installed and centrally managed. Through different positions I have been central in the process of developing a robust governance and systems management structure and organisation.

Applying lean systems thinking techniques through this ethnographic approach (learning from the inside not observing from the outside), I believe, gives better long term results. A transformation of this kind takes at least 5 years (1 year learning and planning, 3 years to do the transformation and 1 year minimum to embed the results in the culture) so check in again in 2019 :)

Other areas of responsibility include regional contact for Medical Technical Equipment, and tasks within the areas of change management, process improvement and benefit / value realisation from implementing regional process and systems.

Diakonhjemmet Sykehus ( )
Diakonhjemmet Hospital (founded 1893) is a private non-profit hospital within the Diakonhjemmet Foundation in Oslo , Norway . The hospital is responsible for general hospital services for approximately 113,000 inhabitants in its particular sector in the western part of Oslo. The hospital serves its sector in the fields of internal medicine, surgery and radiology, plus laboratory services. The hospital is also responsible for psychiatric care within its sector, and for geriatric psychiatry within some local city wards.

Diakonhjemmet Hospital specialises in the fields of rheumatology and rheumatic surgery. The hospital is also the referral hospital for the Oslo area and the regional hospital for South-eastern Norway for services in rheumatology and rheumatic surgery.

The Department of Psychopharmacology is a national centre of therapeutic drug monitoring and pharmacogenetic analyses, and of research in psychopharmacology and biological psychiatry.

The hospital has a staff of approximately 1,400, servicing 142 beds in somatic medicine and 62 beds in psychiatry (acute, intermediary and day care), plus geriatric psychiatry. The number of beds has been reduced from 295 in 2008 to 204 now in 2012. at Søndre Borgen in Asker, 20 kilometres west of Oslo .

Director of Quality Management / Corporate Governance (Fagansvarlig for kvalitet og Virksomhetsstyring)
From September 2010 I have focused mostly on the development of a new hospital management system based on lean and quality management ideas. Managing a hospital in a quality domain as opposed to a performance domain is challenging. The main principles are those of continual improvement and not of target management. The new management system is already giving very good results.

The latest initiative towards quality and performance improvement is the implementation of lean service principles both in treatment through care pathways and in support services with more traditional lean practices.

Director of Quality and Innovation :
Responsible for the Quality System and for assuring that there is continual quality improvement through all functions in the hospital including both administrative processes and clinical processes. The Department is divided into four sections; Electronic Patient Records (EPR), Journal and Administrative archives, Infection Control, and Quality Management and Improvement. The department is also responsible for the analysis of quality information and reporting quality statistics to national bodies. The project to implement an Electronic Patient Record (EPR) was managed in the quality department and further development is part of the department's responsibilities. The department oversees a number of other projects which are quality improvement based initiatives. Development of a Management Information System is also linked to the department of quality. The department has 22 employees. The position of Quality Director is part of the top management team of the hospital

As a consultant :
The hospital uses the DIPS Electronic Patient Journal (EPJ) system and has almost paperless patient management. My roll included various aspects of the change process including Project Management, project participation with responsibility for implementation of new technology and also process analysis and visualisation using the QlikView advanced OLAP application. Analysis includes the analysis of   clinical processes, financial processes and administrative processes.

MedIT is a company developing and marketing Telemedicine solutions for health care. The products include both hardware and software. MedIT has developed a new generation of medical devices and associated services based on wireless integration and Internet technology. My role was co-ordinating the different aspects of the developments, ensuring an holistic focus was maintained. I also had a strategic marketing function, ensuring future developments meet the needs of key market partners whist fitting into MedIT’s overall company and product strategy.

I acted as Project Manager for several development and other projects. Development project participation includes work in all phases including development of requirements, programming, testing and implementation. I followed up development projects with marketing activities looking for new market areas based on new developments. Other projects have included a program of change management to ensure the company is ready for expansion of its sales activities into several new counties and as a result of major international strategic partners. This program has included improving internal communication between Oslo and Moscow, renewing the quality system to be acceptable to international authorities and improving the development processes.

The company has its hardware and software development department in Moscow which has given me further experience in managing international cross-cultural teams in development projects.

Parexel Medstat
Parexel Medstat is part of a Global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) to the Pharmaceutical Industry and to Health Care institutions based in Boston, USA.

I was leader of the department responsible for developing technology solutions for the data management function and also to offer technology based data management functions as an external consulting service. I had line management responsibility for the department which at the time included only one other person. The department was newly formed on the 1stMarch 2000. Unfortunately due to a re-organisation of the whole company the functions of the data management and technology departments were moved to England and the Norwegian office was closed 1st July 2000.

Nycomed Imaging
Nycomed Imaging is a part of the Nycomed Amersham group. Nycomed Amersham is the global leader in the development and manufacture of medical contrast agents used in the enhancement of medical images used in patient diagnosis. I worked in many capacities, initially as technical consultant responsible for the maintenance of the computer hardware and software in the Clinical R&D department. Later I became a systems developer creating management information systems, electronic data capture systems and web based applications. I was responsible for the project management, development and/or implementation of several global information systems. The systems introduced were focused on changing administrative systems to enable better international communication and co-operation after globalisation of the company. Several systems were associated with converting the processes of data capture from manual to computer based.

Nycomed Amersham has R&D units in USA, England, Germany and Oslo, therefore development, implementation and training were international and cross-cultural.

My final responsibility was being in charge of the overall information management and technology needs of the Clinical R&D function. This involved anything from equipment purchase, systems analysis, design and development to project management, strategy planning and training.

National Rivers Authority (NRA), Solihull
The NRA is a non-departmental government body responsible for the regulation of the river systems in the UK . I was responsible for the computer systems used in the performance of river flow forecasting functions for the Severn-Trent region. This involved a wide range of activities including general systems maintenance, analysis of requirements for upgrades to the system, vendor relations, development of bespoke systems and IT infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. My role involved converting many manual processes to computer based processes and integrating different systems.


Professional Memberships and other engagements

2000 - present. Member of the British Computer Society (BCS) - Chartered Information Systems Practitioner
2002 - present. United Kingdom Systems Society (UKSS)



2008 - ITIL v3 Foundation

BI-pris 2013 (Business Intelligence prize 2013 from the Norwegian Computer Society)
BI-pris 2013 winner on web pages
Press release on AD-Gruppen web pages
Best overall poster at the World Hospital Congress 2013

2018 - COBIT 5 Foundation


Publications and Conference Presentations

Patients, professionals processes and priorities: Digital Transformation in a regional health authority. United Kingdom Systems Society (UKSS) conference 2018. June 2018.

Don’t tell them it’s lean and you’ll get away with it. Lean Management Journal. April 2015.

Hospital Quality: a product of good management as much as good treatment. World Hospitals and Health Services Vol. 49 No. 4. pp 4-7.

Making IT work for you: Hospital Discovery through a Business Discovery solution. 38th World Hospital Congress Oslo2013.

Hospital Quality: a product of good management as much as good treatment. 38th World Hospital Congress Oslo2013. (Poster)¨Selected as best overall poster at the conference

Value-based Performance Management in hospitals - presentation of a management model integrating values and outcome results. Skjørshammer M, Wenaas VT, Frafjord AM, Hyde A. 38th World Hospital Congress Oslo2013. (Poster)

Verdibasert Virksomhetsledelse - kan verdier og resultatstyring kombineres på en troverdig måte? Skørshammer, M., Wenaas, VT., Frafjord, A., Hyde, A. In Ledelse i Diakonale Virksomheter. Aadland, E. Akademika Forlag, Oslo. 2012

Quality: a product of good hospital management as much as good treatmentHelsIT 2012. September 2012. Trondheim, Norway.

Quality Management in a Norwegian HospitalHC2012 Health Informatics Conference . April 2011. Birmingham, England.

Impact of an EPR on Patient Care, the Norwegian ExperienceHC2012 Health Informatics Conference . April 2011. Birmingham, England.

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Beslutningsstøtte for alle nivåer i sykehuset. QlikTech Breakfast Seminar. March 2011. Oslo, Norway (in Norwegian)

BI for strategisk måloppfyllelse: Diakonhjemmet Sykehus gir bedre kvalitet og støtter daglige drift. BeslutningsstøtteDagene 2010 . September 2010. Oslo

Bottom-Up: Making IT work in healthcare . UKSS International Conference 2010. September 2010. Oxford, UK.

Making IT Work: Hvordan gjør man om DIPS PAS/EPJ til et system for beslutningsstøtte , DIPS Forum 2010. June 2010. Bodø , Norway (in Norwegian)

Improving quality and supporting management through visualising information in a Business Intelligence solution (poster) , HC 2010 Health Informatics Congress. April 2010. Birmingham, England

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( also presented at CAEHR - Towards an Electronic Health Record in Europe (TEHRE) '2000 , London . Nov 2000.

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Presented at - UK Systems Society (UKSS) International Conference '99 , Lincoln University, England. July 1999.

Working effectively with health services to add value to your EDC driven clinical study , IBC Electronic Data Capture for Clinical Trials, London, June 1999

Establishing a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) globally: Integrating with other core functions of the clinical trial . Vision in Business - Integrated Global Clinical Development Technologies 1999 . London. June 1999.

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Master's Degree dissertation

New Technology Systems Being Tried in the Collection of Clinical Trials Data in the Pharmaceutical Industry - A user centred comparison using HCI methods. Open UniversityMilton Keynes, UK. Sep 1998.

Scientific and Project Reports

“Basic Principles of the MNI Family Development - External Instruments and Input Devices”, Rakhimbabaev , Hyde, Gjørsvik , Petersen, Bråthen , Syversen and Loken . Project no. IST-1999-10754, EU. Information Society Technologies (IST) 5th Framework Programme. (2001)

“ TelemediCare project summary”, European Union IST 5th Framework Projects edited volume 2001.


Other Awards and Qualifications


Hobbies and Interests

My main free time activity is Scouting where I have just completed 2 yers (2016 - 2018) on the National Scout Board. I am an active Leader Trainer. Earlier I have been Group Scout Leader (GSL) for 1st Langhus from 2001 to 2005, one of Norway’s largest Scout groups. The group had 9 sections with over 200 members and 40 leaders and helpers. As GSL I had overall responsibility for the development of the group and all aspects of the day to day running. I was also Project Manager / Camp Chief for a Scout camp in the UK in 2007 where Scouts from the Follo region and surrounding districts will celebrate 100 years since the first scout camp in 1907. I have been in scouts since I was aged 8. I represented the UK at the 1988 World Scout Jamboree in Australia as a member of staff where my responsibilities were in the amateur radio station. I was a Cub Scout leader from 1984 until 1990 and a Venture Scout Leader from 1990 to 1994 when I moved to Norway. The Venture Scout unit was a mixed Venture Scout / Ranger Guide unit with 50 members between the ages of 15 and 20. There were up to 5 others leaders involved in running the group. Many members have taken up leader rolls since leaving.

Scout CV

1972 - 1975

Cub Scout, 2nd Olton Scout Group - Remus flokk.
1975 - 1980 Scout, 2nd Olton Scout Group

 - 1979 - Chief Scouts Award
1978 - 1984
1984 - 1990

Cub Scout Instructor, 2nd Olton Scout Group - Remus flokk
Assistent Cub Scout Leader, 2nd Olton Scout Group - Remus flokk
1980 - 1985 Venture Scout, Triton Vandyck VSRGU

 - 1983 - Venture Scout Award
 - 1981 - Duke of Edinburg's Award Bronze
1987 - 1990
1990 - 1994
Assistent Venture Scout Leader, Triton Vandyck VSRGU
Venture Scout Leader, Triton Vandyck VSRGU

 - 1986 - Duke of Edinburg's Award Silver
 - 1988 - Duke of Edinburg's Award Gold
1988 Member of the International Service Team, 16th Word Jamboree Cataract Park, Appin , Australia. Worked in the amateur radio station AX2WSJ
1994 - 2001 Member og Solihull North Scout Fellowship
2001 - 2005 Group Scout Leader, 1st Langhus Scout Group, Langhus, Norway

 - 2002 Completed NSF (Norwegian Scout Association) Basic Training

2005 - 2007

Beaver Leader / Beaver assistent, 1st Langhus Scout Group.
2003 - 2007 Project Manager / Camp Chief - Follo Krets 100år Kretsleir. Tolmers Activitey Center, Cuffley, UK
2008 - 2010 Regional Leader Trainer coordinator
2005 - present Leader Trainer Follo Krets av NSF

 - 2007 - Completed Norwegian Leader Trainer certificate
 - Completed Norwegian Trekløver Gilwell (Wood Badge) course
 - Aug 2009. Leader Trainer, 2nd Advanced Woodbadge course, Malawi
2008 - present Member of the World Scout Trainer Network (WSTN)
2010 - present Country contact for Norway - World Buddhist Scout Council (WBSC)
2011 Received Award of Merit (Hederstegn) from Follo Krets
2009 - August 2011 Project Manager / Camp Chief - Follo, Østre Østfold, Fredrikstad Kretsleir. Back to the Future. Kragenäs, Sweden
2014 - 2016 Troop Leader, 1st Langhus Scout Group
2016 - 2017 Head of Administration Norwegian National Jamboree, Nord2017
2016 - 2018 Member of the National Scout Board
2018 - 2020 Project Manager / Camp Chief Norwegian National Jaboree - Agenda 2021 (cancelled due to Covid-19)
2021 - Present District Chair - Cotswold Edge Scout District, Avon County, UK


I have owned my own small business called Hyde Away Systems since 1990 developing simple software solutions and providing IT related consulting services.

I have been a radio amateur since 1983 although currently not active. When active I was often on HF and VHF/UHF especially with digital modes as G4VMQ (ex LA0HW / G6WRR / VK2FLW).

Other sports and hobbies include Geocaching and family tree research.

I have enjoyed running and have completed 10 marathons and countless half marathons and 10km. The marathons include Hobart, Helsinki and Oslo.